Business Case



An important reason is to address gaps that have been articulated in relevant baseline and blueprint, and are not yet addressed by other initiatives.


High level cost/benefit analysis of (ideally) at least three options for meeting the business need; Include analysis of 'soft' benefits that cannot be quantified in financial terms; Identify preferred option and any trade-offs.

Benefits Expected

Expressed in measurable terms against today's situation (see the relevant baselines), on route towards the blueprint for the subject matter.


Summary of key specific risks.


Extracted from the rolling plan.

Commercial aspects

Proposed sourcing option with rationale for its selection; Key features of proposed commercial arrangements (e.g. contract terms, contract length, payment mechanisms and performance incentives); The procurement approach/strategy with supporting rationale.


Statement of available funding and 'ballpark' estimates of projected whole-life cost of initiative; Including departmental costs (where applicable).


Investment Appraisal


A component of the Initiation Document.

Extends Business Case - Outline.

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