Rolling Plan


The Initiative Rolling Plan is used to record and plan the progression of the Initiative and to track and control progress.

Gate Way

In a product-based planning approach, also an intermediate (specialist) product target could be allocated to successive stages.

In the case that certain products have not been delivered, these uncompleted products can be moved from the "gate under review," to the next gate. This must be properly documented in both gates' products.

Gate Nr. Product Target Url Gate Date Gate Authority Remarks
Gate 0 Initiative Start
Gate 1
Gate .. .. .. ..

Initiative Gate Review

At an Initiative gate, the contributions from other initiatives targetting the same subject area (as documented in relevant baselines and blueprints) will be reviewed. They may have an impact on the work that must be done for the next stage.

Per gate, a number of topics could be documented. These include:

  • Assumptions and Risks
  • Initiative Schedule
  • Transition Plan
  • Performance Targets
  • Monitoring and Control Activities

It is an option to synchronize initiative gate reviews with the gate reviews of relevant baseline or blueprint.

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