Product Breakdown


Product Breakdown

Each end-product must be positioned in the Product Positioning System that takes into account the existence of the dictionaries with "simple products" listed at Systematized Knowledge Commons.

Simple Products

One part of the initiative's work will be to identify all the existing external dictionary elements that matter to its tasks.

Where such elements are missing, the initiative will have to do internal development or contract external development.

Where it is relevant, such development can be followed by a submission to the relevant dictionary in accordance with the open maintenance procedure explained at CKC Global Agreement.

Collective Products

For each stakeholder kind, dedicated collective products may already exist, or they will have to be developed.

One possible way to group these collective products is by allocating them to the model layers common in enterprise architecture practice. Hence, enterprise architecture tools become a suitable instrument for designing, configuring and maintaining the collective products for each kind of stakeholder.

In the case where a stakeholder already has the collective (EA) product that corresponds to its role in the business, as captured in the relevant baseline, the collective product development can be restricted to developing the "delta." For other stakeholders, or where the baseline needs to be re-architected, a more comprehensive collective product development may be required.

Regarding the common elements in the multi-stakeholder initiatives that we are addressing, they could also be developed in an EA tool. In this case, the model-exchanges between the EA tool used in the initiative, and the EA tools used by the involved stakeholders must be facilitated.

These considerations lead us to distinguish the following categories of (collective) products:

Non-EA products

For instance, reports, tutorials, presentations.

EA Products

These products are systematized at a number of layers. These layers structure both the content that is participant-specific, and the content that is shared among the multiple stakeholders.

Typical Specialist Products

The Initiative end-product consists of valid content for the typical specialist products.

These may include the following (content) products:

Some of these products can be considered Collective Products, yet most of them are simple.

In all cases it is recommended to reference external products that meet the user requirements.

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